I am a mixed-method researcher, evaluator, and project manager. I  organize and execute successful projects through the thoughtful combination of data, technology, and collaboration.

Trained as a political scientist, my focal areas include program design and administration; sub-Saharan Africa (governance research); justice sector reform (recidivism reduction); and innovative research design to generate unique data sets.

I also co-edit Small Stones, an online resource for educators and students that aims to foster hope and a sense of agency following the 2016 US election.

Please explore this site to learn about my work and connect with me on LinkedIn or by email.

  •  Leadership:  Strategic planning, project management, product development
  •  Research:  Study design, evaluation, lit reviews, surveys, data analysis, ethnography
  •  Writing:  Grant writing, case studies, reports, journal manuscripts
  •  Facilitation:  Focus groups, participatory appraisals, public speaking, teaching
  •  Languages: French (proficient), Swahili (adv. beginner), basics of Arabic, Maasai, Spanish, Wolof